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Webstore, Kofi, Updates, oh my!

Updated: Jan 12

Webstore ~
The webstore has been shut down since September 2021. I am working to reopen the store this Summer 2022 and greatly appreciate your interest and support.
I wanted to have a place to memorialize the original webstore as it was my first ever and a big accomplishment for me. So here are some of the previous offerings below from the original:

Kofi~ Ko-fi is a platform for creators to receive funds in exchange for exclusive content. I'm going to be creating tiers of monthly subscription options (starting at $4/month). Subscribers will receive art, music, poetry and writing in many forms depending on the level chosen. I'm thinking $10/month will get you physical art in the mail, other offerings could include a monthly newsletter, poetry, digital art, photography, access to live stream concerts, releasing new music and sharing archives of my art.

Stay tuned for this offering!
More info about the site:

I'll be slowly working on updating my website with newer work, especially the illustration & photography sections! In the past few years I've illustrated a few books and look forward to sharing some of the images.

Thank you immensely for your continued support. Hope this summer brings you what you need & deserve. Take good care of yourself & each other ❤️
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