Reparations ~ Red House on Mississippi

On many items in the store, 75-100% of sales are currently being given to Red House on Mississippi as a form of reparations to support Black lives. These items contain imagery that says "Black Lives Matter" and "Destroy White Supremacy". Because I created these images as an act of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, I will not take a profit. I will only ever cover the cost of materials in the percentages. For example, the Destroy White Supremacy stickers currently give 75% to Red House and 25% covers the cost of printing stickers. Because of my white privilege, I have received systematic advantages my whole life. Reparations are just one way to shift the racial disparities of wealth in this country. Black people deserve compensation for the hundreds of years of horrific acts inflicted on their ancestors and for the continuation of racist systems that oppress Black people TODAY. Reparations can be given through many things - money, land, power and resources.

I am currently giving this portion of my sales to Red House on Mississippi who are an afro-indigenous family fighting against systematic displacement in Portland to save the home that has been in their family for generations. Recently, they have been hosting safe(r) community events, workshops and sit in protests outside of the house. The family needs support for short term housing since being unjustly evicted, lawyer and other fees, and funds to keep up these community events.

Like many cities, gentrification is rampant in Portland. The Red House is in the Albina neighborhood which was a historically Black neighborhood. Portland has been known as the whitest large city (populations larger than 500,000) with 71 percent of residents categorized as non-Latino whites* In 1970 the black home ownership rate in the City of Portland was 46.9%; In 2017 the City of Portland rate was 28.4%* Housing is a right and the Kinney family deserves to keep their home in their family and for many future generations.