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I Believe You Zine

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I Believe You Zine: A Zine for Survivors

26 full color pages
Collage, drawings and handwritten
High quality inkjet print on printer paper


$15, sliding scale option for $12. Choose this option if it fits your needs <3
If you are interested in the zine but need a further reduce sliding scale amount or are interested in buying bulk or trading contact me.

This zine supports my treatment for Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses.


"I Believe You" is a zine of resources, tools and ideas for survivors, for folks supporting survivors in their life and anyone who wants to learn more about self care, grounding, support for mental health, trauma, consent & communication.

For two months I worked on this zine, carrying a bag of collage supplies carefully to multiple cities. This was a labor of love that needed time to grow and heal with me. When I finally let go of the zine, I felt something inside of me let go too. The experience of creating this zine has been an important part of my process for healing from trauma.

Over the last two years, friends and strangers have expressed to me that the zine has been supportive and validating. I am so humbled. I am brought to tears by these messages to know that I am helping someone through these pages. That is powerful. Thank you for your support, this zine is very dear to my heart ♥

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