Holographic Healing Is Not Linear Sticker

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Holographic 'Healing Is Not Linear' stickers

4 x 3 inches, high quality vinyl stickers that are waterproof, UV resistant, and don't fade!⁣
Printed by Sticker Ninja

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$ from these stickers support my treatment for Lyme disease, mold illness and other chronic illnesses. I created this image during a very difficult time of my Lyme Disease treatment. Reminding myself that healing is not linear has helped me through many difficult times recovering from chronic illness and trauma. The text in the print mirrors that of a tattoo on my leg. The flowers are two that have helped me on my healing journey. On the left is Echinacea, an immune support and anti-inflammatory herb, and on the right is Cistus is an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and bio film busting herb often use for Lyme Disease treatment.

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