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GLOW IN THE DARK Destroy White Supremacy Sticker

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GLOW IN THE DARK Destroy White Supremacy Sticker
4in x 4.5in, die cut, high quality vinyl stickers that are waterproof, UV resistant, and don't fade!⁣

Printed by Sticker Ninja

One sticker for $6

Three stickers for $15

Outside of U.S. Shipping available, contact me or I will follow up with you for an additional payment to cover shipping.

75% of these stickers will consistently be given to organizations (or individuals) that support the lives of Black People, Indigenous People or People of Color. As of 5/23/2022 Currently raising funds for Serenus Community Herbs @serenusherbs / @m0stefinitely. "Funds will allow a disabled queer/trans herbalist to sustainably grow the herbs used in their apothecary + provide free bulk herbs & medicines to fellow disabled, chronically-ill Black & Indigenous community members and wider mutual aid efforts"

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