Epsom Salt Herbal Soak

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Each mix comes in a 16oz mason jar with a handmade label (new labels coming soon) attached by bookbinding string

Three herbal options:
1. Love in a Time of Rage:
Unscented Dr. Teal's Epsom salt / Herbs: Rose & Chamomile

2. Regeneration & Revolution: Unscented & Lavender Dr. Teal's Epsom salt / Herbs: Lavender & Calendula harvested in Portland

3. Breathe In, Speak Out: Unscented Dr. Teal's Epsom salt, Eucalyptus essential oil / Herbs: Cedar & Rosemary harvested in Portland

Add Oatmeal for $1

Shipping Options:
1. Ziploc bag without a jar
2. In a mason jar with bubble wrap for $2 extra to help cover shipping costs.
Choose your selection above.

3. Local Portland delivery: Mixes can be delivered to some areas of Portland for $2 or free on orders over $20. If you're in Portland and delivery does not appear as an option when you check out, then you are outside of my personal delivery zone. Contact me if you want to figure out a drop off/pick up.

If you're interested in a custom blended epsom salt herbal mix, contact me!
Self care is revolutionary. Rest is Revolutionary. Disability justice and community care are revolutionary.
Epsom salt baths have been supportive for my treatment of Lyme Disease through detox, managing pain and stress. As an organizer, an epsom bath has often been a moment of calm, personal reflection and relaxation. Our worth is not based in our production, something I have been gradually unlearning. We deserve care and to treat our bodies to moments of relief and rest. We need these moments so that we don't burn out in revolutionary work.

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